How to choose the best deep meditation music?


There is no better music than any other for meditation. There are as many good music as there are people on the planet and for good reason: everyone’s tastes are different. Some will prefer instrumental music while others will be more attracted to the sounds of nature and others to total silence. Here are some tracks to choose his meditation music well.

How to choose your music to meditate ?

The effect of music on body and mind has been known for thousands of years. Indeed, music has many properties. It soothes anxiety, helps concentration and stimulates the mind in order to reach certain phases of meditation. However, it is essential to choose your meditation music well. 3 possibilities are available to you:

Guided meditation

There is a sound background shape with voice, allowing you to be guided during the meditation phase. This is rather reserved for beginners.

Indeed, to help you focus on emptying, the voice is there to guide you and make you aware of your body, breathing, etc. Very quickly, in order to really develop the full awareness of mediation, the voice will no longer be useful. This option is therefore really reserved for start-ups in mediation.


Background music

Thanks to background music, you will more easily access a state of “let go” and with full consciousness. Music has the gift of transporting spirits, especially when they are in the meditation phase. This is the case with the Hemi Sync compositions, which, specially designed for mediation and relaxation, allow you to transcend yourself in your thinking.

The great tunes of classical music, to be chosen according to your moods, can help you immerse yourself in a state of deep meditation. The simple sound of an instrument such as the piano or the flute will be more effective on some. Others will react to ethnic music. Try several types of music to find the one that matches you.

The music will guide you and plunge you into a truly bewitching atmosphere. The brain frequencies are more developed and bring consistency to your exercise. Letting go will be all the more important and facilitated by the sounds specifically composed for this purpose. Instrumentalized meditation music is very often usedSometimes even more than the sounds of nature. this is the case with the famous CD The Return.

The sounds of nature will allow you to be out of date and transport yourself to a state of fullness. Both are good vectors for meditation. It remains to find the one that suits you best.

Silence: good option ?

Some will be more inclined to focus and refocus thanks to silence. Indeed, it is closer to the “natural” environment, with the sounds of everyday life (boss of traffic jams, car horns, harmonious silence of nature, noises of neighbors …).

It is not uncommon to find that many people experienced in mediation prefer silence to various sound funds.

The ideal is therefore to test the three methods in order to find the one that best suits you. You will quickly find your marks on specific themes.

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